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A classically trained trumpeter, producer and engineer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Oliver moved to LA in 2015 to study music at UCLA. While earning his degree he had the opportunity to tour with artists like Solange, Sylvan LaCue and Afrolicious as well as get into professional studio work as a producer and engineer. 


Since graduating Oliver has independently released two solo EP's he wrote, produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered himself under the name King Oliver Trumpet. He's been placed on major releases like "Slow Down"  by Ro James, "I Don't Mind" by Chlöe and "Say Go" by D Smoke, and has produced for artists such as Merlaku Ra, JAYA, and Michael Sneed.


His collaborations don't stop at the studio. Catch Oliver performing around LA as KOT with groups like SouthSide Symphony and playing in bands like Molly with Charles, The Roswell Universe, and The Melodiks. 

Oliver is a multifaceted musician. Playing everything from Mahler to Mariachi to Miles Davis gives him a unique approach which he applies to everything he does. His experience as a soloist, a band leader, an engineer and an executive producer make him a valuable asset from the studio to the stage and back.

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